What is a bitcoin

Buy this new trending currency and make more money

There is this new trending currency called bitcoin which is the most famous instrument for financial transactions now. With this currency one can make all the necessary financial transactions in the current world. In the future most of the transactions will happen with the help of bitcoin only. Due to this fact the craze for bitcoin has increased in the present days.

What is this coin everyone is talking about?

There is this new currency in the market called bitcoin. For all those who are wondering What is a bitcoin here is the explanation for it. This is just a form of currency which can be part of the digital transacting world. This currency can be transacted with the help of the online network. People can earn and sell this bitcoin in the online world. Since there is no central server here there is not one entity that owns or operates the entire bitcoin operation. It is owned by the public. No one can control all the operations of the bitcoin. There are even digital signatures which are given to the currencies. With the help of these digital signatures, each of these transactions will be given a unique identity.

What is a bitcoin

Who is behind this?

This bitcoin currency is part of the cyrptocurrency network. This network was initially started in the year 1998. It was first started by Wei Dei. This is considered as one of the open source format for currency. It can be owned and sold by the public. Basically anyone can sell the bitcoin in the network and anyone who is in need of it can buy it. The bitcoin technology is basically controlled by all the bitcoin users in the world. The value of the bitcoin currency has increased multifold in the last decade and it has created a major hype in the financial transaction world.